Quick & Secure Payment Collection

Rent payments settle in your account
 in 2-4 business days
Money in the bank, not checks
"lost in the mail"
No more manual book-keeping
All payments are sent over an encrypted network

Individualized Payment Collection

Multiple tenants can pay rent for a
single unit even if they’re on the same
No more relying on one “master tenant
 rent collector” for the whole house
Image of partial rental payments table

Track Lease Periods

Track your lease periods across all units
Know when your leases expire to keep vacancy rates low
Picture lease tracking module

Detailed Account History

Detailed records of all payments from
all tenants from each unit
Keep track of remaining balances
 still owed to you
Store all property information in one
place that’s accessible from any where
you have internet
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Quick & Secure

Stop waiting to get rent checks from
 your parents
Stop walking over or mailing your
 rent check to your landlord
Avoid unexpected & unwanted visits
 from your landlord
All payments are sent over an
encrypted network


Check your dashboard to see
 who paid and who didn’t
No more stress collecting rent from
 all of your roommates
Get notified when rent is due
Only worry about your portion of the rent
Image of a partial rent payments table

Detailed Account

Detailed record of every payment
 you send through our system
View remaining balances
View a copy of your lease
 from your dashboard
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