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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To provide real estate investors with the tools to manage
 their business their way, faster, easier and more enjoyably

Why did we start?

Through our experience as tenants and real estate investors, we didn’t see a solution with the best interest of both parties in mind. So we decided to build an innovative platform for users ranging from first time investors to the biggest real estate companies - all while providing the highest quality of service at the fairest possible price. is an online property management tool that streamlines all communications and interactions between landlords and tenants.

Our Team

Joseph DiNardi-Mack


As CEO, Joe steers his teammates towards's collective vision. By leveraging his love for problem solving he is able to foster an environment of continuous innovation. When Joe isn’t working he’s walking his dog Mari, in deep thought, or cracking a joke.

Joseph Haddad


As CTO, Joe takes pride in his ability to develop practical and friendly solutions to complex problems, and believes that this skill is strongly reflected in fabric. In his spare time Joe enjoys playing soccer, eating, having engaging conversations, and breaking things.

Christopher Finn


As COO, Chris manages the daily operations through designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures. He looks to secure the functionality of, to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Outside of work, Chris enjoys travel, technology, public speaking, and professional sports.

Killian Lennon

Director of Sales & Marketing

As the director of sales and marketing, Killian strategizes how to properly bring to the world. Drawing upon previous experiences from his own ventures, he aims to create lasting business relationships with every new user. As a member of the team, Killian looks to help revolutionize the real estate industry by taking unnecessary burdens off of landlord and tenant shoulders everywhere.

Neil Dhawan

Business Development

As Business Development Representative, Neil works to provide support for sales, brand development, and data acquisition. With an emphasis on customer-service and process improvement, Neil works to leverage his perspective to develop strategic and operational plans that embody the collective vision of Dwel’s core foundation.